Sunday, October 13, 2013


Sundays always make me sad because the weekend is over and Monday is slowly approaching (yikes!) although I know some of you can feel my pain, Sunday's don't always have to be so gloomy!!! make your Sundays FUN! I challenge you to do something fun every Sunday. try a new dinner recipe, bake something new, go to the park, take a walk.....ANYTHING!!!!!! Sunday's do not have to be the day we dislike because we all know, no matter what MONDAY IS COMING so make it fun and do something you enjoy!! I love to bake and now that I have found all these new cooking websites I plan on investing in a slow cooker and coming up with fun new recipes with that! this is perfect because while my food is cooking in the slow cooker I can make my Sunday a FUNDAY :) bake, paint, dance, sing, do what you feel is fun and worry about Monday on Monday!! this is my CHALLENGE to you!! get involved, send me your Sunday funday stories and you will get a special shout out on my next post, or send me some pictures of your Sunday and I will post the picture on my next post!!!!!!!!!! lets go 3...2...1....GO
Kisses~ Brittani

Sunday, October 6, 2013

welcome back

well hello there everyone, I had some trouble getting onto my blog so I have been away for a little....sorry :( hope all is is back in session and the semester is actually going by pretty quickly (surprisingly) I have been considering changes in my career lately and haven't been sure how to go about them. I could use some help I guess is what I am saying hehe. it seems as though some of my followers are international. I would love to learn more about different cultures and someday (when I have money) travel the world. well that is just a dream, and this post it to show people I have not fell of the face of the earth, I am alive and well and in desperate need of some new conversations...soooo does anyone have an idea for my next blog? PLEASE COMMENT I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND INPUT <3
Kisses~ Brittani

Saturday, July 13, 2013


So.... One of my favorite summer shows is Big Brother. This is season 15 and quite frankly I have become somewhat obsessed with the drama and cast of this season. The show has only been on for 3 weeks now and there has already been so much drama inside the house, and because of some of the house guests actions the drama has made headlines and have cause somewhat of a controversy in the Big Brother community. I have been a fan of the show for 5 or 6 seasons now and I have never been this interested in the cast like I am with this one. If you have never seen the show it is a competition show.  16 strangers come into a house for the summer and compete for various powers in the house. The house guests make alliances, they lie, cheat, create showmances, back stab, and betray. The house guests compete to be head of household. The HOH gets a private room and power for a week. The HOH must nominate 2 house guests to put of the block. The two house guests must fight to stay in the house but only one can stay. The power of veto is the next competition where the HOH, the two nominees, and 3 other house guests fight to win the pov. The pov winner has the power to either keep nominees the same or pull one if the two nominees off the block. If they choose to pull someone off the block the HOH must replace that nominee with a different houseguest. During the live show each houseguest, excluding the HOH goes into a separate room(diary room) to place their vote on who they want to evict from the big brother house. The HOH can only vote in the event of a tie. Other completions they compete in are have/have not which is a food competition. If you are a have not you a forced to sleep in horrible conditions in a terrible room in the house. You must also take cold showers only and eat slop. Needless to say it does not seem fun to have to be a have not. Other than other details here and there that sums up the show. Each season there is a twist to keep the cast on their feet. This season there is house guest who wins MVP each week. If you win MVP you must select a 3rd nominee. Also as MVP you have the power to choose the replacement for the pov comps. So far this season there has been racism, slander, bullying, and just straight up horrible attitudes on the show. If you are a fan of the show I would like to hear your option on the show and the recent drama that has been blowing up in the house. If you want to check out the show and find out what it is about for yourself you can go to and select big brother. If you become as obsessed as I have you can also go under the live feed tab and subscribe to 24/7 access to the house. The first 48 hours are free. I will make a blog tomorrow about some of the drama that has been going on in the season(which is a lot) even though the season basically just started. This cast for sure is making for good tv and is definitely setting new highs with ratings. If that was their goal going into the house then I must say they have done a job well done, I must also say if so much dram has been unleashed this early on in the game I can just imagine what is in store for the rest of the season. I want your feed back and questions. Don't be scared to comment your opinion because I for sure want to hear what you think of the show(if you watch it) if you don't you should give it a try :) until tomorrow..... Kisses~ Brittani

Saturday, June 29, 2013


A good friend of mine and fellow blogger...well actually my "little sister" has given her audience a task, a challenge if you will. She challenged people to watch all seasons of Sex In The City. I decided to take the challenge and revisit my love for the show. I wanted to really try to understand each character while watching the show this time around to see how my option has changed about the girls or to see if they have even changed at all. One of the characters I criticized a lot was Samantha. While watching the show years ago I labeled her as sex driven and slutty but re watching the show this time around I have come to see her as more. While she may still be the most sexually active female on the show she is also one of the most successful females as well. Samantha tells it like it is and as much as she can be a bit much, many people seem to wish they had the strength to say the things she says out loud. Putting the sex driven, horny female aside and focusing on her career and who she is, it is clear that she is very outspoken and does what she wants. She is very impulsive and is not afraid to speak her mind. Many woman only desire to have some of these qualities. Samantha knows what she wants and goes for it. Some woman may call her bitchy but I think she is a wild, spunky, successful woman who knows exactly what she wants and for the most part, gets it! What are your thoughts on the character of Samantha and if you really think about it, do you think your option can change the way mine did? I would love to hear your thoughts :)  kisses~ Brittani

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello there people! This is my first post as a blogger! I am excited to talk about many different things with you all and get your input and feedback :) I want to introduce myself a little. I am 21 years old and I grew up in New York and I am now living in New Jersey. I moved to Jersey when I was 10. My father was a fire fighter in New York and passed away on 9/11. I have been living in Jersey now for a long time and it has grown on me over the years. I have not traveled a lot and I want to change that. I am in college and studying education, however there are many things that have swayed me to change certain decisions in my life. I am 21 and still do not know everything I want from life and that is ok. A very good friend just recently started blogging and got me into the idea so here I am :) join me on my blogging journey! Lets see where it takes me :) kisses ~Brittani