Saturday, June 29, 2013


A good friend of mine and fellow blogger...well actually my "little sister" has given her audience a task, a challenge if you will. She challenged people to watch all seasons of Sex In The City. I decided to take the challenge and revisit my love for the show. I wanted to really try to understand each character while watching the show this time around to see how my option has changed about the girls or to see if they have even changed at all. One of the characters I criticized a lot was Samantha. While watching the show years ago I labeled her as sex driven and slutty but re watching the show this time around I have come to see her as more. While she may still be the most sexually active female on the show she is also one of the most successful females as well. Samantha tells it like it is and as much as she can be a bit much, many people seem to wish they had the strength to say the things she says out loud. Putting the sex driven, horny female aside and focusing on her career and who she is, it is clear that she is very outspoken and does what she wants. She is very impulsive and is not afraid to speak her mind. Many woman only desire to have some of these qualities. Samantha knows what she wants and goes for it. Some woman may call her bitchy but I think she is a wild, spunky, successful woman who knows exactly what she wants and for the most part, gets it! What are your thoughts on the character of Samantha and if you really think about it, do you think your option can change the way mine did? I would love to hear your thoughts :)  kisses~ Brittani

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