Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello there bloggers!!!! It's a new year and I know I am like 14 days late but....Happy New Year!!!! I want to make this year an exciting one so I have come up with a few resolutions I wanted to share with you all.
First, I want to start blogging more! I have been here and there with my thoughts and finally I realized I want to keep blogging! I go to school and work full time and have an insane family so I have a lot to blog about. The time is the tricky part. I feel like sometimes I need to schedule in time to breath in my schedule. But I will make time for blogging ;) scouts honor (even though I was never a scout)
Second, I have recently taken up a new lifestyle change and have become quite obsessed. I have started working out and eating healthy and I feel awesome. I feel like my face is clean and healthy and my hair looks healthier. My whole life has changed and realized this is the change I needed. I am just starting so if anyone has ideas it recipes I would love some feedback so please comment!!!
For now that is all so please send some feedback and PLEASE COMMENT!!!!
Kisses~ Brittani

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