Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello hello hello hola

Helllllloooo people!!! How ya doing?! So as promised, my second blog this year. I have been feeling good about this year so far (even though we are only 23 days in) I think this year hold high hopes and many goals will be achieved by me!!! I have been on the right track with eating better and have become slightly obsessed with the gym. I like to work out but I love the feeling it gives me after I'm done! It hurts but feels so good. Do any of you have some New Years resolutions you want to share? I would love to hear some of them and the progress you have had with them! I started back at school this week and I am trying hard to juggle many different things like school and work and blogging and working out! It is a headache waiting to happen hahahaha. I would love to hear your schedules and how you juggle the many different things in your life so please leave some comments below!!!

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